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  • Why did Sulit.com.ph change to OLX.ph?

    We changed our name to OLX.ph because we want to inspire Filipinos to also change the way they perceive online selling. Now is the time to give more value to items you're no longer using, or what we'd like to call your 'untapped wealth', because someone somewhere can actually benefit from it.

    OLX.ph is for everyone. You don't need to have a business or be a merchant. As long as you have an item you are no longer using that is still in good condition, OLX.ph is for you.

    This is simply a name change and all the things you came to love about Sulit – wide variety of listings, free ad posting, multiple seller choices – will be reflected on OLX.ph!

  • How different is OLX.ph from Sulit.com.ph?

    Everything that you came to love about Sulit – free posting of ads, wide variety of items for sale, and thousands of sellers to choose from – will be reflected on OLX.

    Our website may bear our new brand name and colors but our commitment to make online selling easy for Filipinos remains the same. On OLX, we have simplified our ad process, upgraded our Android and iOS apps, and we’re also currently expanding our Customer Support to assist you event at night and on weekends.

  • Who is the target market of OLX.ph? Is it different from Sulit?

    OLX is Sulit, Sulit is OLX. As long as you have a 2nd hand item in good condition that you’re no longer using, OLX.ph is for you.

    In the Philippines, there is not yet much of a tradition of selling your used stuff and most of us end up with cluttered houses full of stuff we don’t use. We are so used to holding onto our things that we don’t even see them in our houses and in our closets. We want to enable Filipinos to turn that used stuff into real value (i.e. cash) and use it to buy things that they want and need.

    On OLX, we believe in helping Filipinos improve their lives and upgrade their stuff by selling their unused items and getting great deals on items they want and need. We believe that everyone has something no longer in use that they can sell.  They can and should sell it.  Plus, selling is free!

    While everyone has something to sell, we really want to get the message across to people who could use the extra money and free up wasted space such as mothers, students, young professionals, and even retirees.

  • What will happen to the existing listers and products that are listed?

    This is only a name change.  Everything stays the same - OLX is Sulit and Sulit is OLX. There will be no impact to the sellers and the items they have posted for sale.

  • Now that you are OLX, are there any key improvements that we should expect?

    We’ve made many changes to the site already, designed to help Filipinos easily connect with other locals to meet up and exchange items for cash. We have much improved apps for Android and iPhone/iPod Touch, a simplified ad form using your mobile phone, and also the expansion of our Customer Support Team to provide you with timely support even at night and on weekends.

    What remains the same is our local management team who is the same Sulit team that has been serving you in the past years.

  • What's the objective of the change to OLX?

    The objective of changing our name to OLX is to get the attention of every Filipino that now’s the time to make some changes of their own, and join the millions of people around the globe who have already used OLX in other countries like India, Brazil, and Portugal to sell their things. 

    The name change to OLX should inspire people to re-think what they know about Sulit, and to re-think what they have to sell online. 

    It’s easy, fun, and free.

  • What's the business roadmap for OLX.ph?

    We are solely focused on creating the best user experience for our customers to quickly and easily buy and sell their stuff, free of charge.  That's the business roadmap. 

    In the future, we'll introduce advertising opportunities, which will help advertisers find more buyers, and also generate revenue for our company.  But, that is currently a low priority, as we are working to building an online exchange that is loved by the Filipinos.

  • Why let go of a very successful brand and one close to Pinoys?

    We understand how Sulit has become a part of our daily lives and that's exactly our inspiration to continue improving our product and services.

    The brand change is a representation of our commitment to change how Filipinos perceive online selling. To reinforce the great feeling of being able to get value from items that are just gathering dust in your home. This is a start of a selling movement to get the next 1 million Filipino sellers to sell their unused 2nd hand items on OLX.ph.

  • I'm a previous OLX member, can I retrieve my old account or do I need to sign-up again?

    If you already have a previous Sulit account, you do not have to register a new OLX account since your previous one will do. However, former OLX members who do not have any Sulit account before must sign-up again to have a new registered OLX account.

    You also don’t have to repost your ads (if you have any) because these are automatically posted on OLX.

    Registration and posting of new ads on OLX remain free.

  • I was scammed on OLX before!

    We highly advise that you meet up with your chosen seller and not send any payment (may it be down payment, reservation payment, or worse, full payment) until the item is with you.

    We are sorry to hear that your transaction did not go smoothly but we hope you give it another try and follow our tip above.

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