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Ed Piano Repair Shop since 1968 (read feedbacks) Sponsored New Ad!


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since 1968

( About Us)

IN 1965, Eduardo De Guzman SR. start at young age at 15 yrs. old his first work in a piano company that assemble locally brand but imported parts.

In 1968, he work at his uncle Simeon De Guzman a piano importer,supplier and re builder that own a piano factory in province of bulacan. Simeon de Guzman start business in 1938,assemble a piano brand name SIMMERMAN and REMANN Piano. Eduardo DeGuzman Tambaoan SR. start as apprentice in 1968 in his uncle Simeon. He Learn the unique technique from carpentry works and how to assemble the pedal of the piano ,cabinet assemble, attachment of all stringwires from assemble of the piano frame,piano ribs, piano bridge, pin block assemble and create a new sounding board.

He learn a different ways to his uncle how to adjust ,overhaul a piano mechanism, also calibration,alignment and specially PIANO TUNING. After a few decade,uncle Simeon De Guzman got sick and need to shut down the piano factory he manage. Because of that , Eduardo De Guzman Tambaoan SR. need to continue his work as free lancer, and luckily he manage to maintain pianos all over 40 Bible Baptist Churches,Hotels, Private Resorts, Events, Schools like U.P and U.S.T

In year 2000 Euardo Navarro Tambaoan JR.,son of Eduardo De Guzman Tambaoan SR. became his personal apprentice .His father pass all of his knowledge about repairing piano to hi son. After 10 years of being apprentice ,more experience ,Eduardo JR. in 2010 start his own bussines ,a small piano shop where he can do his lovely works and passions .

A Piano Restorer lives on ,a 3 generation piano experience.

* Retuning
* Repair
* Restoration or Rebuilding
* Overhauling
* Repaint and Refinishing
*Rental and Mover - in any point of metro manila including piano tuning.
*Piano for sale
*Accept Trade-In

ESTIMATE CHARGE (300.00) ,Estimate charge will be deducted to the total charge of labor and materials.

Mr. Eduardo N. Tambaoan

Piano tuner and technician specialist

ETambaoan Piano Repair Shop

8675 Sandoval Ave. Nagpayong Pinagbuhatan Pasig City.

Visit My Facebook Account : Eduardo N.Tambaoan ( Ed Piano Repair Shop)
Website: Edpianoshopsince1968

Read My feedbacks and comment :-)) for reference
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eduardo tambaoan
  • Member Address: 8675 Sandoval Avenue Nagpayong Pinagbuhatan Pasig City, Pasig City, Metro Manila
    • Registered: Mar 1, 2010
    • Last Login: 20 hours ago
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