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SM Department Store Return/Exchange Policy

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posted January 27, 2013 01:38AM
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I bought a pair of shoes from the SM Department Store in SM Fairview. It was all right when I checked in in the store, but when I got home, I found the item has a small defect (bad stitching) so I went back and got it replaced. But the preferred size of the shoes (I initially got US-11) I wanted was out of stock. I asked the SM salesperson and he honestly told me it will take around a month or more to get the replacement stock. He first suggested another model of the brand, but I like the model I bought because it was comfortable and gripping the floor well. So he suggested a smaller size, US-10, which seemed like a perfect fit for my feet. But there was a reason I bought bigger shoes, and I found that prolonged wearing of the shoes, causes my feet to feel stuffy and trapped especially when I use thicker socks for extra comfort for my feet.

Now my question is, can I have this replaced in another branch of SM, like in SM Megamall or SM Makati? They might have a stock of the size US-11 I wanted and needed.

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