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Month of July is Nutrition Month

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posted July 9, 2010 04:40PM
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In month of July we are celebrating what do we called as Nutrition Month, but what does Nutrition Month is?? And what for??  Nutrition Month is a campaign that reminds us to be always in good health and condition. 2010’s Nutrition Month theme is ”Wastong nutrition kailangan ; lifestyle diseases iwasan” – as I know Nutrition Month reminds the public for the importance of Nutrition, I mean Proper Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle and Health concerns.


Filipino are very conscious with their health, we always want to look good and fit! But still!! there were Lot of our countrymen whom are locking in Healthy Nutrition. Most of the things on this campaign are about good Nutrition.


By now, what we need to do is to maintain our good health and healthy lifestyle. At Nutrition Month, Most of the Health Problems, Diseases and health problems are being prioritized –aiming to solve and avoid them. In this Month, some aspects that being tackled is the importance of preparing foods, and developing a good eating habits, proper exercises and healthy lifestyle. At nutrition month it also aims to build awareness of the benefits of being physically fit and need of regular Physical activity. There was lot of activities that being planned for this month! Just in the updates, Activities already started at Sorsogon!


In a modern way of Living, People are really busy and often forget to take care of their body. July is dedicated as a Nutrition Month—stays fit and stay healthy.

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