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8th TOPIK Result (KLT-EPS)

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Pasado ka ba sa 8th TOPIK

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posted March 30, 2012 05:50PM
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According to the site of  HRD-Korea ( the purpose of the test is: Promoting adaptation to Korean life by leading entrance of foreign worker who has basic understanding on Korea and evaluation of the level of Korean language skills of foreign job seekers and Korean society, It can be used as objective selection criteria for the list of foreign job seekers.

For those who successfully pass the exam, composed of listening and reading, they will have a chance for employment in Korea. So the exam serves as a qualifier in getting a job. In the Philippines it is now the 8th EPS- KLT since it was introduced in 2008. Korea and the Philippines signed a bilateral agreement on the sending and receiving of workers through the Employment Permit System (EPS).

Read more here to prepar for your life in Korea - TOPIK Passers, Mabuhay! Congratulations

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