Go Pro Hero 4 SE

  • Price: ₱ 11,499

    Hero 4 Silver Camera LCD touch (1yr and 1 month)

    RFS: Upgraded to Hero 5
    Price: 11,499

    A bit scratch/dents on the upper left of the unit w/c is normal due to casing but on perfect running condition.

    Package includes:

    - GoPro Waterproof Standard Housing
    (little rust - not a problem can be removed by applying oil)
    - unused curve and flat adhessive mounts
    - unused quick release buckles
    - unused skeleton backdoors
    - GoPro rechargeable battery
    - GoPro USB Cable charger
    - GoPro Complete Manuals

    - Selfie stick/poles w/ Mounts and Screws compatible for GoPro
    - 16gb sd card KingCom
    -Extra Stickers

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