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Lucas Stop Slip Transmission Fix


Lucas Transmission Fix Stop Slip
Number one US ATF additive used to address (see testimonials on photos)

* leaks
* slipping to lower gears
* delayed shifts
* overheating

Before you go for a full overhaul which will cost you 30-40K, try this solution first.

How to Use:
Just drain 700ml of old ATF, pour in one bottle of Lucas, that's it. Results are usually immediate.

How it Works:
Contains friction modifiers that can improve the grip between the clutch plates, and the lockup clutch inside the torque converter. The proprietary formula also creates a polymeric film on the transmission bands to reduce slipping.

Pick up point in Kamias QC, or via Transpack (buyer's account)

  • Price: ₱ 1,500
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